medical device expert witness and consulting services


Consulting Services

 In addition to basic research and development, we provide consulting services on medical device product and manufacturing process development, design verification and validation, FDA and CE Quality Systems Regulations and Regulatory Approval Process, reliability engineering and quality control, product liability, failure and root cause analysis, forensic investigation, patent evaluation and valuation. Our consultants are experienced and licensed professional engineers, professors and scientists, most of whom possess terminal degrees, have extensive publications, patents and direct experience in the medical device and manufacturing industries. They include a network of highly respected physicians. When appropriate and in the best interest of our clients we collaborate with these associates to present, in addition to engineering opinion, a clinical perspective. As leaders in their respective fields they provide medical device consulting and expert witness services to clients. Because many of them are actively pursuing research, clients can be confident that the advice they receive, represents contemporary and scientific opinions. We are one of the top consulting firms supporting lawyers with product failure and patent infringement analysis, for a range of medical devices including portable oxygen concentrators, cryogenic oxygen devices, oxygen conservers, portable oxygen tanks, CPAP and BPAP ventilators, surgical staplers, suturing devices, scalpels, clip appliers, ligation devices, graspers, dissectors, and suction irrigation devices,