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Biomedical R&D - Anesthesia, Respiratory and Surgical Devices. 

Consultants on product development, product liability and patent infringement.

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Core Devices is a biomedical R&D company that conducts basic research and develops innovative medical devices for surgical, anesthetic and respiratory care; and we provide consulting and expert witness services on product liability, failure analysis, and patent infringement. 


We are experienced in design of diagnostic and therapeutic medical devices for treatment of sleep apnea, respiratory care and surgical procedures, including CPAP and BiPAP ventilators, breathing masks, spirometers, bronchodilators, oxygen concentrators, cryogenic oxygen devices, portable oxygen tanks, oxygen conservers, surgical staplers, suturing devices, ligation devices, clip appliers, scalpels, graspers, dissectors, biopsy forceps, suction irrigation devices, trocars, and anesthesia machines.


Ongoing research is in the areas of field anesthesia, non-invasive and transluminal surgery, pulmonary and cardiovascular mechanics, and design of related products. This includes clinical applications of mechanical ventilation, oxygen delivery systems, respiratory assist and support systems, telemedicine and computer-aided surgery. Past sponsored research by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) are for, "A Conformal Oxygen Device for Persons with Respiratory Disability," and "A Portable Field Anesthesia Machine."

We continue to conduct research on devices for treatment of sleep apnea, respiratory therapy, diagnostic and surgical equipment. 

Why Us?

When you choose us, you are standing on a rock solid foundation, backed by the experience and credentials of engineering and scientific professionals with proven track record in industry and academia, who are experts in their fields of specialization. Our  experience is steeped in product design and manufacturing, a solid knowledge of standards governing same and regulatory requirements. Collectively we have over 100 years of experience with numerous patents issued to our experts. We understand medical devices intimately, because we have experience developing them.  We are one of the top expert witness and consulting firms on medical devices, specializing in devices for respiratory care, and treatment of sleep apnea, including oxygen concentrators, portable oxygen tanks, breathing masks, cpap and bipap ventilators.


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